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Youth Day May 1, 2010

The youth service held on Sabbath, May 1st, is a testimony to the power of Christ to work in our churches.  When the Loganville, Monroe Area, and Newton County Church Youth Group started, our youth rarely socialized together or participated in church events.  Now our youth are leading out and sharing their personal testimonies with Christ. 

We are so proud of our young ladies.  If you had asked a youth leader, one year ago, if Kendra would be on the platform, we would have all said a resounding NO.  Yet, now she is telling children’s story and participating in Sabbath School.  Erika, although younger than the others has always jumped into the group without reservation but rarely goes up front, so it was inspiring to see her in the narrator role.  Dana sharing her story brought tears to my eyes, not because of her message, although impressive, but how confidently she told her story.  I reminded her how when she use to lead prayer up front and  she spoke so fast that all the congregation heard was the beginning and amen.  The growth I have seen in Dana is amazing.  We are also proud of Dasmine, one of our newer members, stepping out in faith to have our scripture reading and prayer.  And we can’t forget Rachel and Leah who shared their talents by leading the music.

Our young men’s participation is also inspiring.  Robin and Emeka’s words were clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit; it is wonderful to see them sharing their story.  Emeka’s testimony explained so many things about his adventurous nature on youth events.  Robin, even as his age, is a born speaker.  When we began thinking about a youth day we knew that Robin would be perfect as one of the speakers.  Cameron and Caullen added a flare that only they can bring.  We can not forget about our Newton County friend Keymar.  He is such a great addition, stepping up as a youth leader at his own church.

Our church is blessed to have so many young people committed to becoming the leaders of the next generation.  We are also thankful to our older youth Colleen and Abegail who helped organize the event.  As well as, as our younger participants who provided music, prayer, and their services taking up offering.  Our youth bring so much too our church, we are thankful that youth service displayed the commitment of our kids to Christ. 

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